Keynote Speakers



Dr. KWOK Lam For, City University of Hong Kong, China



Dr. Kwok is an information technology (IT) professional by training in the UK and Australia and has devoted his whole career in education and in nurturing young IT professionals. After serving the City University of Hong Kong for 35 years, he retired in 2021. He has extensive teaching and academic planning experience.  He has joined many programme planning teams at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His main interests include cybersecurity, application of IT in education, learning analytics and smart learning environment.  Dr Kwok actively serves the academic and professional communities in various capacities. He was the Conference Chair of International Conference of Blended Learning (2016 – 2021), and the International Symposium of Educational Technology (2016 – 2021). He is a Fellow of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and British Computer Society.




Prof. Shahin Vassigh
Florida International University, USA


Shahin Vassigh is a Professor of Architecture and Director of the Robotics and Digital Fabrication Lab at Florida International University. She teaches courses in structures, building technology and design. Vassigh has built a nationally recognized body of research work focused on improving teaching of structures, building technology, and sustainable building design by developing alternative teaching pedagogies. Her work is characterized by utilizing advances of digital technologies such as augmented reality, simulation, and dynamic modeling for communicating difficult concepts in architectural technology curriculum.
She is a recipient of two major federal grants for “A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Structures” and “Building Literacy: The Integration of Building Technology and Design in Architectural Education.” Both projects developed interactive learning environments using state-of-the-art computing technology. She is the author of “Interactive Structures: Visualizing Structural Behavior” (2008), lead author of “Building Systems Integration for Enhanced Environmental Performance” (2011), and lead author of “Best Practices In Sustainable building design” (2013). She has a Master of Architecture, a Master in Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University at Buffalo, the state University of New York.