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Professor, Honorary Research Fellow

Department of Education, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Professor Barrett is a past President of the UN-established International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB). He is Emeritus Professor of Management in Property and Construction at Salford University in the UK and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education at Oxford University.
Peter is an international advisor to the OECD and the US-based Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and the American Institute of Architects. He has produced over one hundred and seventy single volume publications, refereed papers and reports, and has made over one hundred and ten presentations in around sixteen countries.
Professor Barrett has undertaken a wide range of research. For the last ten years this has focused on the theme of Senses, Brain and Spaces with a particular interest in the area of school design and achieving optimal learning spaces. The findings of this work have, for the first time, isolated the significant scale of the influence of physical classroom design on variations in pupils’ learning. This has directly influenced, for example, the US Green Building Council and the Norwegian Education Directorate.
Peter now provides strategic consultancy on optimizing the impact of school buildings on learning, for example, for the World Bank in Romania and, in the UK, for the Girls’ Day School Trust and the Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School.
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