Histories of ICEITs

ICEIT 2018: March 2-4, 2019, Oxford, UK

ICEIT 2017: March 7-10, 2017, Clare College, Cambridge, UK
ICEIT 2016: March 17-18, Paris, France

ICEIT 2015: March 19-20, Florence, Italy
ICEIT 2014: January 10-12, Toronto, Canada
ICEIT 2013: February 2-3, Hong Kong
ICEIT 2010: September 17-19, Chongqing, China


ICEIT 2016


Best Presenter:
A Study of the Impact of Collaborative Problem-Solving Strategies on Students’ Performance of Simulation-Based Learning- A Case of Network basic Concepts Course
Presented by Peng Chun Lin
Chinese Culture University, Taiwan (R.O.C)



Session 1


Session 2


March 7-10, 2017 I Clare College, Cambridge, UK

ICEIT 2015


Best Presenter:

Summarizing Services of Java Packages
Presented by Maen Hammad
The Hashemite University, Jordan


Using Electrophysiological Features in Cognitive Tasks: An Empirical Study
Presented by Ramla Ghali
University of Montreal, Department of Computer Science, CANADA



ICEIT 2014


Best Presenter:

Preparing Faculty for Teaching a MOOC: Recommendations from Research and Experience
Presented by Stephanie L. Richter
Northern Illinois University, U.S.A.

Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol with Guaranteed data delivery for WSNs
Presented by Ajayakumar C. Katageri
Basaveshwar Engineering College, India


ICEIT 2013/2010